Dravonian Millitairy Base
A Obsidian landing on the base.
Vital statistics
Type Millitairy Base
Level Ground
Location Dravonian City
Inhabitants Military
The Dravonian Millitairy base, also named DMS, is the largest millitairy base ever. Their is place for the largest ship that existence. Their are also houses for soldiers. 1/2 of the base is underground. Under the ground, there are giant pilotages for the vechiles. 1/15 of all weaponry of the Dravonians is stalled here. Vechiles comes out of the giant bouldings that leads to the underground pilotages.


Kaart Basis


Here is all militairy stuff stored.

Vechile PlainEdit

If there comes an attack, this place is filled with vechiles. In other periods, there stands some vechiles that are going to other places.

Militairy PlaceEdit

This is the soldier camp. Here they can sleep, eat and much more.


This is the place where the militairy stuff is created.

Resource BuildingsEdit

Here are resources stored such as, food and metal.

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