The Dravonian Nation is the mightiest of all. They have maked much of the vechiles in the story. They are based on Dragons from all sorts. In their system, their live much different sorts of nations.

Bioghraphy[edit | edit source]

Dravonians are verry smart. An example: they created in 3000 the VTOL.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

1. They are cells that lives in the ocean.

2. The cells grown to mini-sharks.

3. The mini-sharks came to land and gets legs.

4. The sharks eveloves to dragons from about 1 meter long.

5. The dragons gets wings and grows to creatures from 2 meter long.

6. The biggest step for the Dravonians. They become to their length from now. They are now also verry smart and have the best technelogy from the complete system.

Lengths and weights[edit | edit source]

2,60 to 2,90 meter long.

80 to 100 kilo is their weight.

Known Dravonians[edit | edit source]

Garanium (Emperor)

Platinum (General)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The are called each: "The perfect nation".
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