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Hello! Welcome on the Dravonian Wki. Here you can read everything about Dravonian, a story about much different nations. But if there are opponents, large wars begins!
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Did You Know...
  • ... That the second most known nation are the Camozens?
  • ... That the Dogazion and Camozen Nations are the main nations under the Dravonians?
  • ... That Retus is deceased?
  • ... That Salamanders and Sharks are the two basic vehicles of Dravonian?
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Stelsel mini.jpg Dravonian Group is a group of free Dravonian wikis in different languages.
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Dravonian Q & A
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Featured Vechile of the Month
Salamander Gunship
Created by: Dragon Inc. Salamander Gunship
Used by: Dravonians
Usage: Air battles and protecting
The Salamander Gunship is the main vehicle of Dravonian. Its first apearence is from the verry begin of Dravonian. Unlike the Snake and the Shark, it is powefuler and has more weapons. It is each verry fast.(more...)
Featured Character
Featured Location

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